Learn to Take Control Over your Emotions for a Better Life in just 2 days

This workshop is designed to help you understand the characteristics of your mind and how you can control it. In these 2 days, you will learn to become a master of your mind GUARANTEED or your money back.

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6th & 7th Nov


8 to 10 PM

Lack of Focus, Emotional Instability, Impulsive Behavior, Sleep Problems, Stress and Anxiety, Difficulty in Relationships, Poor Decision-making, and Negativity all these are results of an uncontrolled/unstable mind.

Having Control Over The Emotions Is The Key

Learn with an experienced coach how to take control over your emotions, so your mind can’t fool you and you can be more focused & take better decisions for better life.

Do you want to…?

If you are the one who wants to get all things that mention above then keep reading. In a few minutes, I will reveal the secret to getting all the things that mention above.


We generally believe that external conditions such as food, friends, cars, and money are the natural causes of happiness, and, as a result, we devote nearly all our time and energy to acquiring them.

But did you know, happiness is always conditional!!!
If things go well, our mind is happy, but if they go badly, it immediately becomes unhappy. In fact, Happiness and Sorrow are the two sides of the same coin.

Actually, this is the time now to go beyond the HAPPINESS, and so beyond THE MIND too.

Right now your mind is controlling you but it’s time to take control of your mind and you can learn the technique to do this in मनKey Mastery.

Live Webinar


8 to 10 PM


6th & 7th Nov

Regular Price Of The Workshop Is Rs. 999/-

Today's Special Offer is Rs.97/-

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What Participants Say About My Coaching

I have no regrets,no complaints just happy in life...

I am very grateful to you you have helped...

His practical approach how to stop mind wisely and how to run mind wisely is unique

He helped me to change my nature

In This Course, You Will Learn...


Why Emotional Well-Being is the First Step

Learning about the direct impact of your emotions and your Professional success, Relationship, Health, and Spirituality.


Three Solutions for Emotional Well-Being

We know, you need the solution. In this session, you will learn about 3 time-tested tools for emotional well-being in depth.


The Breath and Working on it

Your breathing is connected to your emotions. With different emotions, you breathe differently. Bringing a change in breathing can change your emotions instantly.


A Unique Breathing Technique

You will learn and practice a unique breathing pattern that will cut off your stress, Overthinking, and anxiety on the spot.


Mental Pictures and Working on it

Our mental pictures are triggers for our emotions. Each of our thoughts creates an unconscious image. Those images trigger relevant emotions. You will learn how to work on your mental pictures for emotional well-being the whole day.


A Visual Meditation for Instant Emotional Shift

This is an excellent meditation designed to transform your emotions instantly. It creates highly pure emotional vibrations. With this meditation, you’ll realize how your mental picture changes your emotions. You will practice this meditation with my live instructions.


Understanding and Using Unconscious Symbols

In order to change you need to know about the significance of some symbols that our unconscious understands clearly. We will discuss this in depth.


The Words and working on it

You’ll learn how your spoken or mental words influence your emotions and how to use the power of words to change your emotional state.


Unique Sutras for Emotional Shift

To take charge of your emotions, I will give you 7 sutras I derived from my 21 years of coaching experience and from some therapy methods too. We will also discuss how to use them.


Establishing 7BVS System and Daily Practice Guide

System works. Now it’s time to have a system. I have designed a system to practice and tested it on many people in the USA including myself. It works amazingly. I will share it with you too and guide you on how to practice it. More interestingly, You will get a ready tool to practice it.


How to get rid of mental games and live the real life.

You will get a detailed idea of how you can avoid being ruled by your mind and start ruling it instead. It is not possible to prosper with mental baggage. There is a fountain of joy inside all of us, but the connection is forgotten somehow. Imagine what if you can achieve your goals and grow rich with unshakable inner peace and joy.

Not Only This, Here Are Special FREE Bonuses For You


7 BVS System Practice (Video)

This tool is designed to help you follow the 7BVS SYSTEM. Use this tool as directed in the master class.


7 Days Of Superb Self-talks (Audio)

Transform your life with our daily audio guide by Rajiv Bhalani, offering a week-long journey of self-discovery and self-compassion through positive self-talk.

What Participants Say About My Coaching

Now i am more focused and feel more relaxed not only that but feel more energetic

Thank you for making difference in my life

I am so grateful and happy for this great experience...

Thank you Rajivbhai for making such a big impact when i needed...

It really helped me to shift my thoughts,emotion and stress...

It is easy to learn and amazingly effective

We are glad that we attended his courses

His teachings are definitely helping me be more aware of my thoughts

Who is Rajiv Bhalani?


Rajiv Bhalani creates and conducts workshops and online courses on mindset and meditation for people who want to improve their experience in work and life with success and joy.

At any of his events, you can expect insightful and effective content to help you grow your business, live a rich life, have better relations, and good health, release negative thoughts and emotions, increase positive thinking, cultivate good habits, and experience more energy and create inner peace.

Rajiv Bhalani has delivered inspirational speeches and motivational seminars in big cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad etc.

He has sincerely practiced different methods of Meditation and Mindfulness for years and runs his workshops and long training courses in many states of the USA and CANADA nowadays.

He has authored more than 12 books on Mind Power, Visualization, Affirmation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Transactional Analysis.

All books are available on Amazon.

Rajiv Bhalani shares his insights on Meditation on his YouTube channel also.

Rajiv Bhalani has translated popular English books ‘The Healing Code’ (by Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson), ‘Law Of Attraction (by Michael Lousier) and ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’ (by Wallace D Wattles).

He is the founder of
‘मनKey Mastery Practice Group’



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