Rajiv Bhalani  is the founder of MannKey Mastery Inner Circle.
He creates and conducts workshops and online courses on mind and meditation for people who wants to improve their experience in work and life with success and joy.

In any of his event, you can expect insightful and effective content to help you grow your business, living a rich life, have better relations, good health, release negative thoughts and emotions, increase positive thinking, cultivate good habits, experience more energy and create an inner peace.


Rajiv Bhalani has delivered inspirational speeches and motivational seminars in big cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bhubaneshwar, Goa, Raipur etc.

He has delivered more than 325 training sessions in USA. He has authored more than 12 books on Mind Power, Visualization, Affirmation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Transactional Analysis

Rajiv Bhalani has translated popular English books  ‘The Healing Code’ (by Alexander loyd and Ben Johnson), ‘Law Of Attraction’ (by Michael Losier) and ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’ (by Wallace D Wattles).

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